onsdag 25. mai 2011

Norwegian shorts with no ending

This week we have been trying to improve the scripts for the two new "Norwegian shorts with no ending". Especially the dialogues. We now feel better about the projects, but still feel they both need more adjustments. One of the adjustments was to put a sloth into the storyline to get more action.

Above you can see one of the Tanjetsfilms animators with a guitar. How exciting is that !.

lørdag 21. mai 2011

Maazgtanjets collaboration with Tanjetsfilms

Kitchen sink animation needs kitchen sink music. We have decided to use the number 1. kitchen sink punk rock band Maazgtanjets to contribute to the musical part of the intro for the "Norwegian shorts with no ending" series. Their rock`n roll will bring you all out of control. Our first test is with their "classical" track Dene Hotel.

søndag 15. mai 2011


Tanjetsfilms have noticed a trend from other blogs. They share things from their sketchbooks. We want to be trendy as well. On the right you can see studies for one of the upcoming "Norwegian shorts with no endings". On the left we are not sure what to make of.

onsdag 11. mai 2011

Almost made it to an albumcover

Tanjetsfilms have been close to do an album cover a couple of times. This is one of them, but like the others it was turned down. It is a bluesband, and maby that fellow with the green jacket was too jolly for their immage. We should just stick to animation.

mandag 9. mai 2011

More backgrounds

Here are some more animation backgrounds from Tanjetsfilms for people who has background as a fetish. Let`s hope we satisfy their needs. They were used for the intro in "Norwegian shorts with no ending - The manifesto edition". We have tried our luck with waterclolour, and just like Johnny Nice Painter from "The Fast Show", we try to stay away from using black.

søndag 8. mai 2011

Tanjetsfilms will try to improve their backgrounds

It is no secret that Tanjetsfilms are struggeling to make brilliant backgrounds for their shorts. We still haven`t won any awards for them. Tanjetsfilms saw a lot of great backgrounds during their very short visit to Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart this year, and we are ready to take up the challenge. Only time will tell if we have the ability to do so. Above you can see three new ones we are working on. We are not sure what to make of the top one.

fredag 6. mai 2011

New" Norwegian shorts with no ending" under progress

2 new "Norwegian shorts with no ending" are under progress. Christmas, Maazgtanjets, war and fashion are some of the topics that will be included in these two shorts. In the picture above we see a Tanjetsfilms animator in battle modus with a shotgun.