lørdag 25. juni 2011

Art piece of the week

The Tanjetsfilms blog continues "the success" with The Artpiece of The Week, and another one in the series "Mackerel in tomatosauce". This time the work has the undertitle "Oil spill in polluted ocean". The responses from famous art galleries like Tate, Guggenheim (Both Bilbao and New York) and that place in Paris where they exhibit "Mona Lisa" has been zero.
Anyway, for this art piece we recommend Frydnlund Beer from Oslo, Norway (Probably the best beer in the world).

fredag 17. juni 2011

Art piece of the week

It`s that time of the week again. The multitalented members of Tanjetsfilms release the second art piece to the world. It is the second in the series "Mackerel fillet in tomato sauce". This one has the undertitle "Oil spill in blue ocean background". We recomend a cheap bottle of vodka, and mix it with pineapple juice. Enjoy !!!!!!

fredag 10. juni 2011

Artpiece of the week.

We have now realised the adventage of having few viewers. Tanjetsfilms can now publish their own art without too many hipsters commenting the pieces. We will try and make it weekly, as a treat for our "loyal followers". A good start to the weekend. The first artpiece out is "Mackerel fillets in tomato sauce - Blue ocean background". Enjoy it with a good glass of red wine..........or a can of beer.

onsdag 8. juni 2011

World wide web is too big. We are drowning.

A picture from the storyboard to the next "Norwegian shorts with no ending". An animal hanging from a branch and two people looking on. This is another contribution to the probably least visited blog on the world wide web. The www is too big, or is it because this blog sucks. Be aware for more crap entries in the near future.