søndag 22. oktober 2017

A self-examination

I still kind of wonder how I got to the stage that I decided to try out meditation. I am not the most patient person on this planet ...or even in the whole universe. I am a football supporter for f...k sake.
There are not many good moments to find a comfortable position and clear your mind and think positive during a game. One example is when we played Kristiansund earlier this season. The strikers seemed to think too much before they decided to shoot.

It was extreemely frustrating. This resulted in a mind in total mess. It was not ready for meditation during those 2x45 minutes + extra time.

When trying to start meditation I was probably aiming to be this person... 

...but deep inside I know this is the real me.It is important to acknowledge who you really are. Hopefully this experience will give me peace in mind. I doubt it.

fredag 20. oktober 2017

A conclusion on the meditation industry

The meditation was a total fiasco. This was very surprising to me considering so many people in this world seem to have huge benefits from doing it. This makes me suspicious. Are they all living a big lie ?. This might be a conspiracy. Do they all think positive thoughts when they strike a meditation pose all the time ?. I doubt it.
I bet over 50 % of them are thinking like this person when they sit down to meditate on a Sunday evening...

...or like this person. Many silly poses that makes it extremely difficult to think clear....if you ask me.
I confess. I did not produce one single great thought during my short career in meditation. Enough said about it all.

søndag 15. oktober 2017

The truth behind the yoga industry

My first attemt on meditation was not a great success. I was not able to create enough positive energy to give me a lottery win. I decided to google a new yoga position for better results in the future. This made me realize there are plenty of them out there. What`s the story ?. Do people earn lots of money by having a copyright to a yoga position ?. Do they get a small amount of money every time one person do their pose ?.... like when a radio station play a song and they pay a little fee to the songwriter. If that is so, I want to get in in the deal.

I decided to come up with a completely new one and apply for a copyright to it, but every time I could see that the pose had already been taken, even though if it was a very silly and uncomfertable one. This made me conclude that the whole industry is just like any other industries. Rotten !.

After a couple of more attempts with very stupid poses, I decided to bow out of the industry before I even managed to get into it with one last pose I actually couldn`t find. I called it "Flipping the bird"

mandag 9. oktober 2017


Tonight I watched a program about altruism. Many ideas to become a better person were presented. One of them was to meditate for 30 minutes every day. It will give you huge, positive changes in your brain. I gave it a shot, but it was difficult to sit still and consentrate considering that I earlier today turned in a ticket for the wednesday lottery. The jackpot has reached 28,3 million Euro. It is a one in 98 million chance to win. I have a good feeling.
Only after 11 minutes with meditation it was time to turn on the TV to watch the World Cup qualifier between Wales and Rep. of Ireland. It is a game where noone from the one side will practice altruism towards the other team, and vice versa.

søndag 18. juni 2017

Diary, week 24

 Once again this blog has been haunted with the lack of entries, and once again we think we have good arguments for it. Therefore we have decided to post some of them in a series in the near future. If you are an artist, you will totally understand and relate to them all.

An artist doing batik shirts is totally relating to my recent struggle.

Number one on the list is the ultimate "struggeling artist reason" of them all. The infamous "The inflammation of muscles and veins in the neck, arms and the back region".

The state of my body went from really bad to "close to daeth because of extreme pain" when I was working on a festival trailer. I tried to pull through the project before contacting help but...

 ...the day after that decision everything kicked in really hard. All tasks became extremely painful to do. Brushing your teeth, chewing gum, whiping your behind, flossing your teeth, drying your back with a towel etc, etc... Basically everything you need to do to function as a human being in 2017.

I ended up having to sit upright when trying to sleep for two, three nights in a row. Well, when I say sleeping, I really mean crying.

I managed to get some treatment from a Swedish naprapath.

It was rough stuff. He had one specific quest for me as his customer. Pain !.

When the treatment was finished, he had one advice for me. I decided to follow his instruction.
8 weeks after I was ready to finish the trailer. It became a race against the clock...and the pain again. This time I managed to finish before the "close to death" pain kicked in. Finally some luck for me as well. New "very good reasons for the lack of blog entries" will follow soon.

mandag 16. januar 2017

Diary, week 3

While the rest of Norway started 2017 with numerous bottles of...

...I  started the new year with numerous cartons of...

So the new years eve for me was not about sending up fireworks and drinking alcohol. I had catched the flu. I don`t know about the rest of the world, but if you catch that virus up here, it is serious business. It is basically a buzzkill in every occasion.  It was a real buzzkill when I was listening to this year`s new year`s speech by the king.

I took every sentences and words he spoke negatively. He did not impress me at all. I blame the virus for it.

Some people might think I was too harsh on his highness, but if you ask me, I think I made some good points from time to time as well.

In fact, I think I actually have something to learn the king of Norway. If only he would read this blog. He might learn something useful for once.

After watching the king`s speech. I finished off the celebration with watching the fireworks. I was not impressed. It is no fun starting a new year with the flu.

Happy new year !.

tirsdag 13. desember 2016

Work diary, week 49

It has been a long absence of new entries to this blog the last weeks. There is one good explanation to this. Not much exciting has happened at work. I can reassure all readers of this blog that you havent missed anything at all.

The one thing I can think of is when we each were given a chocolate bar for helping the marketing department to prepare for a trade fair. It was a lovely gesture from them, but when we later checked the expiration date because it tasted a bit strange + we reacted to the extreme softness to a biscuits chocolate, we found out it was 6 months off.

We`re not sure how many people read this blog. We know there`s about 7,5 billion people on this planet. The number of readers of this blog is not even close to that number, That is not even a wild guess from us. You may ask yourself, " How the hell does he know that ?". Well, here is my answere. If that was the number, we would have been all over the news. I`m talking about BBC, CNN, Fox news, The Daily Show, 60 minutes, Al Jazeera etc, etc..., The fact that we are not even mentioned in the small, local newspaper is a very strong indication that noone really cares about the lack of blogentries lately.

If  a local news agency by chance would report about our blog entry drought, the scenario would most likely be like this. They finally tracking down that one person who sometimes, by accident, bump into our blog when searching for something else, and then they ask him "Has the lack of new entires to the Tanjetsfilms blog effected your daily life ?". The answere given can be seen in the illustration above.