onsdag 25. mars 2015

Bungee Jump Skeleton Man

Bungee Jump Skeleton Man

A book based on a conference about death has just been published. What is more perfect for the launch than to screen a Tanjetsfilms production.
The launch will take place on 24 April in the old Anatomy Museum at King`s college London.
Here is a link.

mandag 1. september 2014

Space is a dangerous place

Finally we managed to finish a new project. Hopefully some festivals will screen the short.
The next project we have started working on will involve names of different festivals. We have not yet decided which ones we will include. This is not a threat to festivals that decide not to include "Space is a dangerous place" in their programme. This is just us informing the people who are interrested in what Tanjetsfilms is working on at the moment.

søndag 16. mars 2014

Mister Vorky

We finally managed to finish a jingle for Mister Vorky. The new festival in Ruma, Serbia, for one minute films. Tanjetsfilms encourages everyone around the globe that is in a short distance of the The Cultural Center of Ruma on Monday, 17 March 2014 to know their presence.

søndag 9. mars 2014

Mister Vorky

We are currently trying to finish a jingle for a new festival in Ruma, Serbia. It is called Mister Vorky and will take place on the 17th of March. It is a one minute film festival. Here is a sketch from one of the scenes in the jingle.

mandag 30. desember 2013

Project "Space".

The project with Dejan Delic is in good progress. We are almost finished with all animation. Now wait tasks like scanning, cleaning and colouring. My "favourite" things to do. It is essential to get hold of a couple of good audio books.

mandag 9. desember 2013

Project "Space" with Dejan Delic

We have recently started a project with Dejan Delic inspired by a sculpture close to where I live by Solveyg Schafferer. We hope it will be a good result. So far we have just called the project "Space". Hopefully we will find a better title in the near future., but who knows. Maby we will end up with a worse title than the current one. Life is unpredictable.

mandag 2. desember 2013

Oslo Night

The last 9 months we have been working on the project Oslo Night. It was going to be a 10 minutes long short about a foreign producer experiencing a strange night in a hotel in Oslo. Unfortunately we did not get financial help to fulfill it. The project is now put on ice. Background artist is Dejan Delic.