torsdag 16. november 2017

Not among the lottery winners this time either

It was the big draw yesterday and once again my lottery ticket was overlooked. This is clearly a conspiracy against me. The worst thing about the whole experience are the articles about the winners the day after and how they will spend their sudden fortune. Yesterday`s winner is going to use it on a spa. What the f...????!!!. I hate spa !. I can think of 10000 million better things to do with a sudden fortune. This information made me hate the article even more. Why does the media post these sad stories ?. Probably only the winners find joy in reading them. Do they get a lot of clicks ?.

Sometimes I give these articles a lot of clicks. This may be the reason why they get a lot of them. I may be contributing to the whole misery. Looking forward to the next draw. I have a good feeling this time.

søndag 5. november 2017

Soon Monday morning again.

Back to work again tomorrow. I am not sure I look forward to it. Last week at work was not exactly a blast. Not even a single person was fired. Boring stuff !. The most interresting happening was when one of the co-workers brought in that strange cake baked by his wife. It was worthy being a part of the Twilight zone anthology series.
A usual I was going for a big slice, but it sliced itself on a completely different place from where I intended it to. It was scary stuff.

I was left with a smaller slice than usual. It was not a good feeling. The cake was so strange that I came up with the most likely conclusion to it all.

I bet there are lots of conflicts in their home because of all the cultural differences.

It can`t be easy being an alien living on this planet. Especially not in Norway.

I wish them all the best in the future...from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do them apart etc, etc, etc..
For me, I certainly hope this next week will be more interresting. The feeling is not good.

fredag 3. november 2017

"Norwegian" celebrations

We have just finished the Halloween celebration in Norway. A lot of candy has been consumed by both kids and adults. The world famous Bavarian Oktoberfest was also celebrated in many places. We seem to adapt every frickin celebration from all over the world
Lots of new pick up lines were probably created during the Oktoberfest in Norway 2017.

It is a little bit strange considering all the debates about "Norwegian values and culture are under great preassure" during the Norwegian election earlier this year.
I predict we will adapt at least 20 more celebrations within the next decade. I can`t wait for the Norwegian version of Pamplona`s San Fermin Festival. We will most likely replace those cute and harmless bulls with a real beast of a Norwegian moose...hopefully.

How about that Indian festival Holi where they throw colour powder on each other when celebrating love. We will maby celebrate the colours of the flag. It will be wicked.

søndag 22. oktober 2017

A self-examination

I still kind of wonder how I got to the stage that I decided to try out meditation. I am not the most patient person on this planet ...or even in the whole universe. I am a football supporter for f...k sake.
There are not many good moments to find a comfortable position and clear your mind and think positive during a game. One example is when we played Kristiansund earlier this season. The strikers seemed to think too much before they decided to shoot.

It was extreemely frustrating. This resulted in a mind in total mess. It was not ready for meditation during those 2x45 minutes + extra time.

When trying to start meditation I was probably aiming to be this person... 

...but deep inside I know this is the real me.It is important to acknowledge who you really are. Hopefully this experience will give me peace in mind. I doubt it.

fredag 20. oktober 2017

A conclusion on the meditation industry

The meditation was a total fiasco. This was very surprising to me considering so many people in this world seem to have huge benefits from doing it. This makes me suspicious. Are they all living a big lie ?. This might be a conspiracy. Do they all think positive thoughts when they strike a meditation pose all the time ?. I doubt it.
I bet over 50 % of them are thinking like this person when they sit down to meditate on a Sunday evening...

...or like this person. Many silly poses that makes it extremely difficult to think clear....if you ask me.
I confess. I did not produce one single great thought during my short career in meditation. Enough said about it all.

søndag 15. oktober 2017

The truth behind the yoga industry

My first attemt on meditation was not a great success. I was not able to create enough positive energy to give me a lottery win. I decided to google a new yoga position for better results in the future. This made me realize there are plenty of them out there. What`s the story ?. Do people earn lots of money by having a copyright to a yoga position ?. Do they get a small amount of money every time one person do their pose ?.... like when a radio station play a song and they pay a little fee to the songwriter. If that is so, I want to get in in the deal.

I decided to come up with a completely new one and apply for a copyright to it, but every time I could see that the pose had already been taken, even though if it was a very silly and uncomfertable one. This made me conclude that the whole industry is just like any other industries. Rotten !.

After a couple of more attempts with very stupid poses, I decided to bow out of the industry before I even managed to get into it with one last pose I actually couldn`t find. I called it "Flipping the bird"

mandag 9. oktober 2017


Tonight I watched a program about altruism. Many ideas to become a better person were presented. One of them was to meditate for 30 minutes every day. It will give you huge, positive changes in your brain. I gave it a shot, but it was difficult to sit still and consentrate considering that I earlier today turned in a ticket for the wednesday lottery. The jackpot has reached 28,3 million Euro. It is a one in 98 million chance to win. I have a good feeling.
Only after 11 minutes with meditation it was time to turn on the TV to watch the World Cup qualifier between Wales and Rep. of Ireland. It is a game where noone from the one side will practice altruism towards the other team, and vice versa.