søndag 3. februar 2013

Still under progress

The Olsen Twins

A pink blogger
Hopefully "The Christmas edition" will be finished during April this year. We are beginning to be fed up with this project, but we only have ourselves to blame. We can always try to blame the society or our prime minister, but Norway is a democracy with free elections. The prime minister also never promised that our short would be finished in a short time. In fact he never mentioned our project at all in any of his speaches during last election. We also have a suspicion that he doesn`t know anything about this project or if we even exist.
Blaming God is also out of the question. He is way too powerful. We are considering blaming The Pope, but he is kind of old.
Anyway here are some more updates. The Olsen twins, a pink blogger and Santa Claus at the nort pole.
Santa Claus