fredag 30. september 2016

Work diary week 39, Friday.

Finally Friday. It is time to celebrate the 50 years anniversary. I expected confetti, cheerleaders and a "Norway`s got talent" winner wishing us 50 more happy years, but it was only the boss for the logistics department handing us the creme balls I have packed,

Unfortunately the boss was right about the creme balls. They were not that tasy.

I fortunately managed to adapt a technique to minimize the discomfort from the vinegar smell only after 5 creme balls. The trick is to put the whole fist into your mouth with the creme ball inside it. When the fist is inside the mouth you release the creme ball from the hand. Voila !, the vinegar smell becomes absent.
Have a nice weekend.!.

torsdag 29. september 2016

Work diary week 39, Thursday.

It is a new day with those damn creme balls. I am getting close to finish the task packing them all.
The cover on one of the jars was not screwed on very good and it fell down on to the table. One creme ball fell out of it. It was very close to disaster, but luckily the jar did not break, nor did the seal.

The seal I had been so afraid of breaking was just fastened with some not very effective glue.

The creme ball falling out was tested by my boss. He was not impressed at all with the taste.

He promised  himself he will not work at this place for 50 more years to wait for a second jar of creme balls.

onsdag 28. september 2016

Work diary, week 39, Wednesday.

A work colleague from upstairs came downstairs to deliver something, or maby it was to ask about something, or tell us about something. I am not sure, because all my focus turned to that one sentence she said. " We have a huge jar of them upstairs".

The next 4 hours I was not able to have one single constructive and philosophical thought in my head because of this new shocking information.

At the end of the day I managed to think more constructively. Suddenly I saw everything very clearly.

Work diary week 39, Tuesday

It is not easy being in charge of over hundreds jars with creme balls. Work colleagues are constanrly passing by. They are not just checking what I am doing, but also demanding some taste samples. The fact that they are all sealed fell on deaf ears.

Later today the marketing manager came down to recount the jars and also closely examin them all to see if I have sneaked out one or two balls. Stasi would have been embarrased over their accomplishments during all the DDR years compared to these guys.

mandag 26. september 2016

Work diary week 39, Monday.

Apparently my company will be celebrating a 50 years anniversary on Friday this week. The big bosses have decided to give the employees a gift to celebrate the occasion. The marketing manager has been given the task to organise the whole thing, and he gave me the job to pack and distribute the gifts to all the departments. I was unable to get all instructions. I was paying more attention to the creme balls. I have never tasted creme balls before.

I have just gained myself a new enemy in life. The marketing manager of the company I work for. The man is ruthless. I can now see how he has climed in positions within the company. I am disgusted.

Ok, I admit it. I have a reputation for doing everything in my power to get hold of sweets. I am basically unstopable. Morals are put aside. I enter a so called war battle mode, but that does not give anyone the right to seal jars filled with creme balls. I compare this action with the worst war crimes ever commited by the human kind.

fredag 23. september 2016

Work diary week 38, Friday

The last green candy disappeared yesterday. That should be good news considering it tasted really bad, but it has not been replaced with something else. The crave for sugar will always be there.

This means I have to go for the last solution. The infamous hot chocolate from the at least just as infamoous cofee machine. My stomache has told me several times to stay away from that evil invention.

The result is always the same. You can set your watch after this one.This is probably the most effective enema around, and it is placed at my workplace.

torsdag 22. september 2016

Work diary week 38, Thursday

The miserable life at my workplace continues. The lack of delicious sweets makes the crave for sugar even stronger. This means I have to eat the green shit candy. How cruel is that ?.
Suddenly I find a white, yellowish one. The seconds before it touches my tastebuds are nerve wracking. It would have been stupid and hazardous to cram it into the mouth. Luckily I have lots of life experiences when it comes to sweets.

The taste is not very good, but it is ok. This is more than enough for me. It is a huge step from the flavor of the green ones. I hope I will finde more ok and good candy tomorrow as well. It would be a good start for the weekend.

Work diary week 38, Wednesday

Today I found an orange candy among the green ones. It tasted delicious. I cunsumed it quickly so I could find a second one before anyone else, but another one was not to be found.

The rest of the working day I spent most of the time looking for more orange candy, but with no luck. It makes you wonder why a supplyer would only mix just one delicious candy among shitty ones, It`s midweek and life is still a misery. When will my life turn to the better ?.

tirsdag 20. september 2016

Work diary week 38, Tuesday

In lack of other alternatives I continue to consume the green candy with the shit flavour. Life is really cruel for some people sometimes. I start to both suspect and accuse "work colleagues" for doing such a cruel act, placing that box with the evil candy next to the cofee machine. 

In spite of trying to force my mind to like the shit flavour, the taste got worse for each candy I ate. The people who decided to put them into production are bad humans.

mandag 19. september 2016

Work diary week 38, Monday

Back to work after 4 weeks holiday. This is maby not the most fun day of the year.
My first thought was, "maby if I pretend  I have forgotten the password for the login, they will then give me an extra one week off because of the stress causing this", but "my loyalty" won in the end.

On days like these you constantly look for anything that can bring some joy to life again. I spotted a box with green candy next to the coffe machine. It is always difficult to know what to expect with the color green when it comes to sweets. I am very careful when I taste it. Don`t jump into every freaking situations every freaking time. That`s howe you become a survivor.

The candy tasted like shit. Just my luck. The day will continue to be shit. Better luck tomorrow.