torsdag 3. november 2016

Work diary Thursday, week 43

The udentified insect was back again thanks to brushing my nostrils instead of my teeth. I wonder what insect family it belongs to. My guess is the diptera order, but it can also be the moth order.

The dead mouse from last week is still lying on the same spot. It has started to smell really bad. 

I decided to write something about the stinky, dead mouse. but at the moment it seems like I will not be able to produce anything in a very long time. If you are not able to write about a mouse that has been ran over by a forklift truck, then you can talk about a good old fashioned writer`s block.

Drastic changes were needed. I decided to go from sugar related products to salt related ones. In my search for sometrhing to crush the writer`s block I found a pringle with extra strong chilli flavour.

The chilli didn`t clear my mind, but it only resulted in a more painful visit to the toilet. Enough said. I will not illustrate it for this blog.

It was very painful to brush the teeth afterwards as well.  Maby I should go back to sugar related products again.

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