onsdag 2. november 2016

Work diary Wednesday, week 43

Another workday finished without any highlights at all. That meant nothing at all to enter in this blog. All this made me so stressed that it affected my communication with others in the traffic home from work.
I could always lie, but I have my principles and my morals are of a very high standard. I tried some relaxing methodes, but the result was being even more tense.

I bought a brioche. I have heard eating brioche gives you great ideas.

It was not true. I don`t know who said those words, but I concluded it was most likely the supplier of the product. It only gave me a full stomach and a dizzy head.

The dizziness had consequences for my dental health, but the nostrils have never been so clean in my whole life. Maby I should launch a nostrilpaste and become superrich. If any of the readers steal this idea, I demand fifty percent of the income.

The nostrilpaste will of course come with a sleeping pill. The extremely fresh nostrils made me wide awake. I decided to write my very first poem, but I found out that this was a struggle for me as well.

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